Over the past 20 years I have worked with companies and succeeded at adding 6-16% to the bottom line of world-wide, cross-industry enterprises. I am confident in saying that I have the experience to come into your organization, assess any situation presented, and strategically figure out how to transform your operational, technical, and financial problems into solutions that will increase your profits.

In 2003, I started Carrie C Holdings – where as a Financial & Business Management Consultant, I partner with multiple business enterprises world-wide to offer focused, honest answers to questions on how to make more informed business decisions that will deliver profits. Additionally, as a Lead Subject Matter Expert in Telecommunications, Finance and Assurance Services — I have been able to make a significant impact in my home state of florida with many local business within the following areas — Marine Services, Construction, Marketing and Energy.

My career essentially “took off” after working as Vice President of
MSI Holdings, the holdings company to the Dutch-based African telecommunications organization called Celtel International — where I was a key player in pioneering the idea, definition and development of the term REVENUE ASSURANCE within the telecommunications industry. I was recruited to lead an internal audit department during a period of rapid growth – which resulted in roughly $90m in annualized gross revenues and the project becoming an industry catalyst that defined revenue assurance and fraud. In addition, we built and implemented the technology to monitor 3G systems in Africa when the U.S. was still using analog; putting our ideas and processes way ahead of the curve.

This experience put me in the position to become a leading expert in the field who remains consistently and aggressively sought after today to implement same processes within organizations all over the world. After MSI, I was hired by
Visual Wireless in Sweden as a Subject Matter Expert to manage 90 day revenue assurance assessments that would identify missed revenue and fraud. I was able to correct and monitor problem areas through KPI dashboards and perform continuous quarterly “health checks” as necessary. From there, I went on to perform as Chief Financial Officer for CTI Group Worldwide Marine Services spearheading global financial operations for their U.S. and Asian locations and yielding a $460K revenue gain by performing process improvement analysis and internal auditing.

Simply put — I identify and fix problem areas in companies that either make them money or save them money.
How am I able to accomplish this? It was Abraham Lincoln who famously stated, “give me six hours to chop down a tree, and i’ll spend the first four sharpening my axe.” I start by performing aggressive and strategic business audits of existing systems data, then merge performance management and cross-functional management support with traditional finance functions and processes to provide more accurate, reliable reports that help decision makers to make better decisions. Lastly, I deliver quantifiable and focused identification of missed revenue and costs savings that can be corrected to increase profits.​